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Our team is known as Okanagan Lake Excavating and we are the premier source of excavation and development services in the fine city of Kelowna, British Columbia. For many years, we have been working closely with both residential and commercial clients with our range of high-quality services, finding the ways to tailor our capabilities to their needs. We have a vast industry knowledge and plenty of experience in the field, which has meant that we have been able to make use of our state-of-the-art tools and equipment most effectively on every task. But more importantly than this is the critical thinking and precision planning of our team. No matter what job we do, our results are always accurate and certain, which is exactly why all local residents and workers know that they can count on us. 

Over our many years of operation, we have built up quite the acclaim for ourselves and that is why we have had the opportunity to work on some of the more impactful projects and developments within our city. However, the scale of the job is not important to us. Instead, we take any large civil engineering project just as seriously as we do with the private properties of Kelowna residents. Each one deserves our care and our team understands this fully. So, no matter how you feel that we could be of service to you, we want to reassure you that we’ll always give you our best, no matter what. 

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